Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. 2.1 Introduction

    2. 2.2 How to find and shortlist markets

    3. 2.3 Case Study Part 1: Comparing 3 different markets

    4. 2.4 Case Study Part 2: Deep dive of 3 different markets

    5. 2.5 Risk-Return Framework: Calculating Market Cap Rate

    6. 2.6 Live demo of Airdna tool

    7. 2.7 Risk-Return Framework: Comparing Market Risks

    8. 2.8 Case Study Part 3: Deep dive of 3 different markets (continued).

    9. 2.9 Summary

    1. 3.1 Introduction

    2. 3.2 Leverage & Returns

    3. 3.3 Key Terminology in Real Estate Investing

    4. 3.4 Calculating Cash on Cash RoI

    5. 3.4A Excel File to calcualte RoI and IRR

    6. 3.5 Calculating IRR

    7. 3.6 Case Study Part 1: Calcuating Seattle Sample Home Returns

    8. 3.7 Case Study Part 2: Calculating Tampa Sample Home Returns

    9. 3.8 Key Lesson #1: Initial Investment vs. Returns

    10. 3.9 Key Lesson #2: IRR usage across different industries.

    11. 3.10 Key Lesson #3: Returns by size of home

    12. 3.11 Summary

    1. 4.1 Introduction: 4 Steps to executing your strategy

    2. 4.2 Finding your Real Estaste Agent

    3. 4.3 Interview with Eva on finding Real Estate Agents

    4. 4.4 Finding the right Property Manager

    5. 4.4A List of Questions to Ask Your Future Property Manager

    6. 4.5 Getting your Pre-approval

    7. 4.6 Case Study: Reading a Pre-approval estimate to compare lenders

    8. 4.7 Optimizing your financing options

    9. 4.8 Interview with Eva on process of touring homes & making offers

    10. 4.9 Summary

    1. 5.1 Introduction

    2. 5.2 Costs involved in setting up a STR

    3. 5.3 5 Steps to setting up your STR

    4. 5.4 Interview with Sid: Tips on design

    5. 5.5 Purchasing Furniture & Décor

    6. 5.6 Key amenities to provide in your STR

    7. 5.7 Devices to secure & automate your STR

    8. 5.8 Setting up utilities

    9. 5.9 Hiring contractors

    10. 5.10 Comply with city regulations

    11. 5.11 Finishing touches

    12. 5.12 Summary

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  • Furniture & Furnishing Purchase list

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